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 Axl Colt is a music artist from Mexico city.

Started as a punk drummer at Berklee and evolved into a solo act that mainly plays an energic pop and rock set.

As a frontman Axl leads his band with his own electric ukulele in the configuration of a tiny guitar. 

Catchy and interesting choruses, lots of interaction with the crowd and a fuse of genres and languages are the main factors of an Axl Colt´s show.

As well as a full band with drums, 2 guitars, ukulele bass and synth, Axl offers a looping set by himself, perfect for smaller gigs, acoustic and more intimate concerts with more content as ballad in Spanish.

"Music happens until there is human connection, otherwise is just sound".   -Axl Colt


Red Room, Sinclair, Fabrica, Warped Tour, David Friend — Boston 

Hotel Cafe, Molly Malones, The Mint, Adults Only, Trip, Whiskey — LA

Vive Latino, BlackHorse, RRlive, Alicia, 246, Cantoral — México

Radio City, Palace de les arts, The Artist, Black note, Upper club — Valencia


XNK, No Hugs, Jack Dinger, Ryan Bale, Natural Limits, Caroline Gray, Galacta, Misha Molove, Lina Cooper

          Solo Artist       




Quisiera Verte Cover.png

Released in 2018 with
2 original songs and 2 covers 
from Latinamerican bands
fully on spanish, it was the first
piece of musical content under
the self produced artist name "Axl Colt"

Released in 2020 with
all original songs, a mix between

english and spanish

And a fuse of rock with many pop, reggaeton, funk, acoustic and electronic elements.

 it was the  combination of the most important songs performed by Axl

during his time studying at Berklee.

A Spotify playlist where you can

listen to all original songs and collaborations

as a drummer, producer

singer and songwritter made by Axl Colt.

A Youtube playlist where you can watch all Axl Colt`s performances

on stage as a drummer, live musician

and frontman.

Latest recording done at

Voltiv sound in Los Angeles

with all Berklee graduates:
Ryan Clure on Bass

Misha Molove on Guitar

Gabo Peralta on Guitar

& Will Weil on the drums.



+52 (553) 077 - 6649

+1 (424) 248- 8581

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